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About Bet Bind

Our mission

At Bet Bind we offer an easy way for you to keep track of your betting history. For anyone who bets often, record-keeping is imperative. Without accurate tracking of wins and losses, it is impossible to understand what works well and what doesn’t.

Keep track of sportsbook, casino, poker or bingo spend...

We offer an easy way to track your previous bets. We store all your win/losses at sportsbook, casinos, poker and bingo, data can easily be broken down by company, game/sports, timeframe. We allow you to keep notes, including insights, cautions or ideas for future wagers. Information such as the date of the wager or gambling session, the amount of the starting bankroll, a description of what wager was made (type/ amount), the outcome (amount won/lost) and the amount of the resulting bankroll.

Hand written records may be fine for the hobbyist, who simply enjoys occasional visits to casinos, a flutter at the track at the grand national, or a few cards of bingo now and then. But for the average sports handicapper, card player or particularly anyone who sees gambling as a source of income, we feel maintaining records with us at Bet Bind is highly beneficial.

A complete written record of wins and losses will begin to reveal trends that can be used to shape future wagering activity. Record keeping also helps make betting a more rational, less emotional venture. After all, betting is about numbers, not feelings, and the more command one has over the numbers hopefully the more frequently positive results will occur.