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Ladbrokes Poker

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Ladbrokes Poker

The Story of Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes brands itself as being the 'world's leading sports betting and gaming company' having accumulated over £1 billion worth of revenue in the last financial year and having made a net income of £41 million. Despite this just a couple of months later in March 2015, the company's CEO Richard Glynn described their online profit margins as being disappointing, blaming this on a series of unplanned and unaccounted for events.

'Our digital earnings have been disappointing,' Glynn said. 'Reflecting a lack of competitiveness in the sportsbook, lower margins than planned and a greater disruptive impact than expected from the transition necessary to grow digitally in the long term.'

Whether or not these figures have anything to do with the quality of the online services the company offers is something that we will find out in the course of our review. Whether or not Ladbrokes will make a concerted effort to turn around their fortunes by lauding both their new and long held customers with fresh rewards is something that should be kept an eye on in the coming months and years.

At the time of writing, however, Ladbrokes Poker is available to customers both on their home computers and on mobile and tablet devices. Regular registered users will also be rewarded through admittance to their VIP club with a points system also allowing regular users to trade in accumulated points for cash prizes. There will be more on this in the 'Promotions and Offers' section of this review.

There is surely an obvious advantage to doing business with a reputable business that is currently experiencing a period of financial difficulty, that company perhaps willing to improve their services and promotions in order to attract more punters to these services.

Navigating Ladbrokes Poker

Those looking to sign up to Ladbrokes Poker will have to download the software to their desktop using the relevant tab in the secondary black banner just beneath the main header at the top of the page. Selecting this link will instantly begin the download with the website also taking the customer to a page that will guide them through the installation process. The concise text and use of images makes this guide all the more useful.

Should you be unsure as to whether to sign up to Ladbrokes, simply make your way over to the 'Getting Started' page. The tabs here will outline whether or not you will be able to download the software as well as highlighting all the exclusive features that Ladbrokes Poker can boast. Such features include a widget bar, a buddy list and the ability to record player notes; live support, anonymous poker tables and Ladbrokes' poker points.

Select the red 'Mobile' tab in the same toolbar to install the software on your portable device should you be looking to play Ladbrokes Poker on the go. Unlike many of their competitors, Ladbrokes Poker is available on both Android and Apple devices with QR Codes to enable easy installation in either case. Also on this page is a series of frequently asked questions outlining exactly why Ladbrokes Poker's app is a superior app to those of their rivals.

New players will be encouraged to hover over the 'Games' tab and select 'How To Play Poker' from the drop down menu. Whilst this is a slightly long and complex overview of how to play the game, it will no doubt be a valuable resource to beginners. There are also different links depending on the type of poker game you are looking to learn about.

The 'Games' tab also helps to explain many of Ladbrokes special features so it is always worth checking this out should you be unsure of any in-play occurrence. Further help can be sought with the 'Help' tab. As well as having a webchat function, there is also an opportunity to email queries as well as more FAQs.

Terms and Conditions Apply - Age restricted to 18+ Please see site for full details - for new customers only