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Bet365 Poker


Below are my own personal opinions and experiences when trying out Bet365 Poker.

When looking for a poker site to review, it was hard for me to ignore bet365. I think they are one of the biggest names in the sports betting world, they have a huge reputation to live up to but overall, they seem to be keeping their punters happy.

My Bet365 Poker registration process

I found registering was a fairly straightforward and involved simply filling out a simple form that popped up when I hit the relevant button at the top of the screen. Once I had populated all the boxes, I confirmed my registration and my account was created. At this stage, all I had to do was fund my account to get playing.

Bet365 poker user experience

I found the bet365 poker room is a slick system that is easy to download and install and seems to work well without any glitches. I feel they also have a reputation for being safe which is important to me as a punter. The most attractive thing for me was the amount of traffic that the site attracts. This means plenty of choice when it comes to games with players of all levels and abilities involved across a range of different games. The option of being able to use my account to venture into the online casino was also a big draw for me. There is even some video poker games to keep me amused if I fancy a change from the real deal.

As a UK player with quite a bit of experience, I found the variety of games on offer very impressive and I was able to find a time at any time of day. I feel novices should have no problem getting acquainted with the game and there are tournaments available to suit everyone.

I was greeted by a tiled mosaic with each one featuring a live game and I was able to start playing almost immediately. There is also a search function that I feel could be useful for those with specific gaming requirements. As I got more comfortable, it is easier for me to pick the right type of game, for beginners the main thing is to get accustomed to the site and the flow of an online game.

I feel the flash-based system is good and the layout is pretty straightforward. Overall, it did not take me long to get used to the site or to become familiar with the functionality.

I think the same can be said for the mobile app which is available on most devices. On my Android phone, the poker suite was clear and easy to use through the app itself, although the mobile friendly version of the website, accessed through the browser, left a lot to be desired. In fact, it is hard to see why anyone would choose this over the application. I should probably point out that as an Android user, the app was not available in the google play store and I had to download it directly from bet365 and tweak my settings to allow third party apps.

The app is a joy to use compared to the browser version. In fact, I noticed it offers everything you get on the PC version, all nicely packaged and with good well-thought-out design.

My summary

In recent years, I feel their global presence has grown exponentially and they are now one of the most recognised brands in the betting and gaming industry. On one hand, I guess they may be viewed as a corporate giant and as a punter, I sometimes worry about the level of service that I will receive from such an entity. But on the other hand, you have to imagine that they must be doing something right to have made such an impact in what is a competitive marketplace.

And the truth is, they do deliver on almost every count. Novices and experienced players alike will find plenty to like about their poker suite. I found everything is just so clear and well-laid out that there is little thinking needed. I was able to get straight into the action almost immediately after signing up. For me the range of games is also very appealing and the amount of people visiting the site meant that could move from micro-stake games to high-stakes games as and when it suited me. I found the high stakes games are quite challenging when compared to other sites but that can be seen as a sign of the type of player who frequents the site. However, I noitced there are plenty of small stakes fun games were less experienced players can cut their teeth. Since signing up I have found their customer support service to be excellent and of course, that is another big plus for the modern gamer.

Overall, I feel bet365 ticks many boxes and is without a doubt one of the strongest players in this market. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good all-round online poker experience.

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