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The Story of Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo is the bingo arm of the Ladbrokes bookmaking group, one of the oldest bookmakers in the world following its establishment in 1886. As well as sports betting and bingo, Ladbrokes also provides their customers with outlets to play casino games, poker and backgammon online. Available across the United Kingdom and other such European countries as Belgium, Ireland and Spain, Ladbrokes can boast having over 800,000 active online registered users.

The company are well known for the iconic red and white signage adorning all of their 2,400 retail betting shops in the UK. It also sits atop every Ladbrokes webpage as well as featuring prominently in all of their television and billboard advertising campaigns. Ladbrokes employs just over 14,000 staff across the world in their efforts to continue growing and sustain their share of the marketplace.

Whilst Ladbrokes' failure to fully capitalise on the potential of online betting and gaming has been well reported with former chief executives even giving their online presence a kicking, the Ladbrokes website claims that the company have seen an improvement in numbers following a 'major operational restructuring of its digital products and services'.

Football's 2014 World Cup saw people flood to Ladbrokes sportsbook, and subsequently to their gaming offerings. According to their website, staking on their sportsbook grew by 110% over the course of the last year. New CEO Jim Mullen has made further improvements in the company's digital services one of his priorities following on from the resignation of his successor Richard Glynn.

In light of their 'major operational restructuring' how does Ladbrokes' poker services fare to those similar products offered by their online competitors? We had a look to find out!

Navigating Ladbrokes Bingo

Registered users can type their username and password in the boxes found at the top of the Ladbrokes Bingo homepage. They will then be able to access their account details and play bingo online. Unregistered users may also navigate around the site though without the benefit of being able to play bingo or any other game.

The easiest ways of navigating around the site involve using the tabs in the colourless bar at the top of the page, beneath the red header and primary list of tabs. The second list of tabs that aid navigation are those up the left hand side of the homepage. These include quick links to bingo and games as well as promotions of note. Also on the front page of Ladbrokes Bingo is the bingo schedule, stating when each bingo game will begin and other facts such as the entrance fee and the prize that is up for grabs. Select the 'Real Play' or 'Play Now' tabs to get involved with the games.

Scroll right back to the top of the page to move from the homepage and to other areas of the site. The function of the 'Promotions' tab is explained in more detail in the following section of this article though is the tab you need should you be wanting to check out all the latest offers and services provided by Ladbrokes Bingo. Similar is the 'On The House Rewards' tab that is also explained in the following section.

The key tab for new users sits rightmost in the clear bar and is entitled 'Getting Started'. This page explains in detail how to do the most basic of things on the site. Such explanations include how to register for an account; how to deposit funds; and how to choose a chat name so you can utilise the website's chat rooms. Those that struggle with any part of the Ladbrokes Bingo experience can move over to the 'Help' tab at the top of the page which provides all users with a link to some frequently asked questions and to a number of email addresses. Unfortunately, Ladbrokes do not have the helpful live chat service.

Move right across to the 'Bingo Games' tab once you have become familiar with what the website has to offer. Just by hovering over the tab you will be able to see a number of categories concerning the types of bingo that are on offer. Simply click on one of these links to be taken to such games. Otherwise, select the 'Bingo Games' tab to be taken to the relevant homepage. The 'All Games' tab is similar in its intent though rather than providing links to bingo games, all the links on this homepage are to do with casino, slot and table games.

The final three tabs in the clear bar at the top of the page read 'Community', where the chat games can be found; 'Mobile', where you can find instructions concerning how Ladbrokes Bingo can be played on your phone/ tablet device; and 'News'.

Offers and Promotions

Once on the Ladbrokes' Bingo homepage, move across to the promotions tab as seen on the second list. On a colourless background, the promotions tab should be second from the left. Click on it to be taken to the relevant promotions homepage or hover over it to reveal a drop down menu. From here you can then select the offer, deal or service of choice.

It seems sensible to begin this section of our article with a look at the new customer package. This package sees customers able to earn themselves £30 worth of bonuses upon depositing £10 and spending this amount on bingo tickets. The £30 that you will be offered will be made up of a £20 bingo bonus and a £10 bonus for all other games. Its availability will be made known to you in the form of a pop up window once you have spent your initial £10. So it's important to remember to allow pop ups on your browser!

Whilst Ladbrokes' generosity is appreciated, it is worth saying that it is possible to get much better welcome deals elsewhere. You would then be advised to shop around to see if you can get a preferable welcome package at a rival bingo operator. Remember though to take into account the long term benefits of signing up to a particular gaming website.

Should you decide to stay with Ladbrokes, you will then be able to pick up a number of other rewards thanks to their ongoing promotions. There are also a slew of offers that run for just a short period of time, so it is always worth heading back to Ladbrokes' promotions page to check for any new deals.

One of the company's long running promotions is the 'On The House' loyalty scheme which sees their customers try to work themselves from the garden to the penthouse in a bid to earn themselves a litany of brilliant prizes and rewards. Your level in the house depends on how many points you have accumulated, for example you will need to collect 25 points in a month to move from the garden (stage 1) to the hall (stage 2). A total of 3,000 points will have to be spent in order to get to the top of the house, stage six, the penthouse.

Such rewards on offer here include free bingo games, birthday bonuses and bonus matches. Those who play the most bingo at Ladbrokes will earn the most number of points, with other such promotions available along the way. Why not check out the following offers and services?