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Betting in Bratislava

Published on: 08/08/2016

Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic. The city has been known as Bratislava since 1919, making it a relatively young International city. In 1993, Slovakia became independent from Czechoslovakia. Bratislava is the country’s largest city and is the only national capital to boarder two independent countries, Hungary and Austria. Due to its geography, Bratislava has evolved into a melting pot of different cultures and religions from many nations, notably the Hungarians, Czechs, Austrians, Germans, Jews and Slovaks.

Bratislava has enjoyed horse racing for a long time. The first hippodrome appeared in the region in 1868. These days, thoroughbred horse racing takes place at the Zavodisko Bratislava Horse track on Starohájska. In 2010, the Pari-mutuel pool at the track raised in excess of €0,000. Licensed bookmakers also offer off-track betting on local races. Currently, an organization known as the Turf Direktorium Für Die Slowakei controls all racing activity in Slovakia. They are a member of the French-based International Federation of Horseracing Authority.

Casinos are a newer concept in Bratislava. Most of the city’s gambling infrastructure has been created by two main competing companies. The Merkur Casinos network (part of the Gauselmann Group) currently has three gambling venues in the Slovakian capital. However, the Pribisova and the Devinska only facilitate games machines and are open for play from 8am until 4am. The leading venue known as Merkur Casino Bratislava has 44 games machines as well as dedicated roulette tables.

Bringing some competition for Merkur is the Olympic Entertainment Group, whose headquarters are in Estonia. They own two gambling venues in the capital, one within the Carlton Hotel and the other in the Eurovea shopping mall. Both venues are named “Olympic Casino.”

The Concord Card Casino also operates in Bratislava and makes the most out of the recent worldwide Poker boom. The casino has 15 poker tables, which are open for play around the clock, and also sponsors league play, cash games and competitions. TIPOS, also known as the National Lottery of Slovakia is a state monopoly based in Bratislava. It began offering various games in 1993, with all proceeds going to the Ministry of Finance. They offer a range of instant lotteries, bingo and three types of Keno. Tickets are distributed through many shops or on the TIPOS web site.

Internet betting web sites are few and far between in Slovakia. Currently there are no virtual casinos and only one company (Tipsport) operating a dot-SK online sportsbook. TIPOS is also one of the minority to have obtained an Internet betting licence in Slovakia.