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Betting in Cancun

Published on: 08/08/2016

The Mexican city of Cancun is on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula facing the Caribbean Sea. Originally the region was a fisherman’s island covered with virgin forest and undiscovered beaches. The city started life as a governmental funded tourism programme in 1974. This led to Cancun becoming one of Mexico’s most popular seaside destinations.

Cancun has primarily focused on providing tourists with recreational and entertainment activities. Jungle treks are available to view the ancient Mayan ruins and archaeological digs, and there are various water sports on offer as well as mountain biking and zip lines. Visitors can also enjoy shopping, spars, restaurants, nightlife and gambling opportunities.

The Dubai Palace Casino is open 24/7 all year round. Many of its gaming machines use the English language as well as the nation’s official language of Spanish. The venue is the only casino in Cancun with bilingual employees. The venue also boasts a first class restaurant, serving Mexican food.

In recent years, the local gambling laws in Cancun banned all live card games. As a result, the Dubai Palace Casino was no longer able to offer popular games such as Texas hold’em, roulette and blackjack. However, the laws are constantly being reviewed and this is likely to change again.

The Playboy Club Cancun is rather an exclusive venue as there is only one other Playboy Club in the world - based in Macau. Players can enjoy the club’s own Sportsbook, which offers various betting opportunities such as horse racing, boxing and football. The club has 50 slot machines and even Latina-style Playboy bunnies.

The local “Cancunenses” are particularly fond of “Mexican Bingo”. Players frequent the Casino Palace to partake in the game as well as to enjoy the various slot machines and sports betting facilities. Casino Palace is regarded as one of Cancun’s more sophisticated gambling venues, with a live stage for performances and musical events, and lavishly dressed staff. The Caliente Casino is a locally-owned venue managed by Hipodromo de Agua Caliente, S.A. de C.V. It is also a division of the Caliente group of Sportsbooks. The venue is primarily a bookmaker; however, the casino also offers slot machines and a loyalty initiative for its regular punters.