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Betting in Madrid

Published on: 08/08/2016

Madrid is Spain’s capital city and with a population of approximately 3.2m citizens - it is also the country’s largest. Within the European Union, Madrid is the third largest city by population after London and Berlin. The city is divided into 21 districts, which are subdivided into a further 28 wards or barrios.

The cosmopolitan city of Madrid in South Western Europe is situated almost exactly at the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. The capital city holds the seat of government and is home to Spain’s royal family. It has been reported that Madrid is the most visited city in all of Spain, the third most visited place in the EU and the seventh most visited place in the world.

Spanish gambling laws were amended in 1981, making games of chance a legal recreational activity. The majority of casinos and gambling venues tend to be found in the coastal areas. Madrid only hosts a few electronic gaming establishments as the demand has remained relatively low.

Madrid-based company Grupo Comar operate the Divierett Gaming Center and Zona Victoria. It offers gambling enthusiasts the chance to partake in activities such as poker bingo, video slots, blackjack and electronic roulette, as well as offering drinking and dining options, and parking facilities. Grupo Comar also owns another three properties in Madrid, plus others throughout Spain.

The Gran Casino Aranjuez is owned by Grupo Comar. It is located just outside of Madrid’s city centre. The traditional casino facilitates a couple of restaurants, a choice of bars and a cafe. There is also Sportsbook in situ, as well as games machines and gaming tables offering blackjack, roulette and various poker games.

Madrid’s biggest casino venue is called the Casino Gran Madrid. There, bettors can enjoy games machines and gaming tables such as blackjack, poker, punto banco, American roulette and French roulette. There is a sports bar as well as many restaurants and the Gran Hotel La Rosa is next door.

Thoroughbred horse racing takes place at the Hipodromo de la Zarzuela. Punters have access to refreshments at the Villa Gourmet Pop-Up Store, the El Restaurante del Hipodromo and the Paddock Bar. Events usually occur on Thursdays and Fridays.