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Betting Monterrey

Published on: 08/08/2016

Monterrey is located in Mexico and is the capital city of north-eastern state of Nuevo Leon. As the third biggest metropolitan area in Mexico, it is home to many important industries such as business, steel, glass, cement, brewing and auto parts. Monterrey has a population of approximately 1.136 million residents.

Despite a strong American influence, Monterrey still has a strong Spanish heritage. In 1596, a conquistador named Diego de Montemayor founded the city as Monterrey. Following the Mexican War of Independence, the area became a major manufacturing and business hub. Today, Monterrey’s economy is fuelled by industry, business and international corporations.

The architecture in Monterrey reflects a mixture of new and old. The city’s Macroplaza is one of the biggest plazas in the world. Located in the heart of the city, Macroplaza is a cultural and administrative point, surrounded by buildings, green areas and monuments. The Macroplaza joins onto Fundidora Park where the Santa Lucia river walk parallels the canal, which was constructed in 2007. Barrio Antiguo is the old area of the city and offers a multitude of cafes, bars, restaurants, festivals and art galleries. There are plenty of gambling establishments to be found throughout Monterrey. A major bookmaking company called the Hipodromo de Agua Caliente, S.A. de C.V. owns and manages the Caliente Group of Sportsbooks. As well as sportsbooks they offer games machines and a loyalty scheme known as “Club Caliente”.

The Caliente Casino brand operates five gambling venues throughout the city, these include the Caliente Casino-Monterrey Valle Oriente, Monterrey Jacales, Monterrey Guadalupe, Monterrey Gonzalitos and the Monterrey Centro.

The PlayCity Casino Brand belongs to the Playcity division of Apuestas Internacionales S.A. de C.V. In fact, Playcity are the largest betting company in Mexico. They provide games machines, sports betting and bingo activities, and are often referred to as “casino-lite” by the media.

The PlayCity Casino-Plaza Real and the PlayCity Casino-Lindavista are both located in Monterrey and have a PlayCity Rewards Club scheme for regular customers. Their nationwide jackpot prizes can exceed $1.1 million.

A betting company called Hollywood Entertainment Group operate two successful gambling establishments in Monterrey: the Hollywood Entertainment Casino-Constitucion and the Hollywood Entertainment Casino-La Estanzuela. Both venues house restaurants and bars, as well as 24/7 gaming machine action.

Interestingly, all of the casinos facilitate “Electronico” games machines, which don’t function with cash or coins. To wager customers are required to pre-pay a cashier for credits which are then added into the machine. Winnings are paid out by hand.