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Betting in Riga

Published on: 08/08/2016

The capital city of Latvia is Riga. It is the country’s biggest city with a population over 600,000 residents. Riga is situated on the banks of the River Daugava, facing the Baltic Sea at the Gulf of Riga. Its ancient port has been a hub for trade since its founding in 1201, and more recently, the city has excelled in the fields of industry, commerce, finance and culture. Today, Riga’s tourism industry is rapidly gaining strength.

Riga has six separate administrative zones: the Central, Kurzeme, North, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale districts. The Central zone is next to the river and is surrounded by parkland, hotels, theatres and relics of the old town. The contemporary Boulevard District is on top of the old city fortifications, opposite a two-mile long canal and more parks. Since the new millennium, casinos have been appearing throughout Riga. The independent slot machine venues are particularly popular. Dominating the city’s gambling scene are three major entertainment companies, one of which is Estonian-based Company known as the Olympic Entertainment Group.

The Olympic Casino-Domina is a typical example of one of their venues. Situated within the Domina Shopping Centre, the casino boasts nearly 4,000 square feet of gaming space for its 51 games machines and is open for play round the clock. The addition of an integral bar provides plenty of refreshment opportunities to those having recreational fun.

Across the city, another nine affiliated sites can be found, two of which are presented under the Olympic Entertainment Group brand name. One particular venue worth mentioning is the Olympic Voodoo Casino located on the Esplanade in the Central District. The casino is actually housed within the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia. The casino offers 24,500 square feet of gaming space which facilitates 19 slot machines and gaming tables including Texas Hold’em Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’ em Poker, Open Poker, Oasis Poker, Draw Poker, American Roulette and Blackjack. The hotel accommodation provides 540 guest rooms.

A local chain known as Zilais Dimants was founded in 1994. In recent years the chain has overtaken Olympic Entertainment Group in terms of numbers of venues in Riga. Zilais Dimants operate 27 gambling halls around the city with the majority of the property’s venues providing round-the-clock slots and billiards activities. Customers can also enjoy the onsite cafes, music and free Wi-Fi access. For bingo enthusiasts, Zilais Dimants also own a bingo hall called Brivibas 96, which can be found in the Central District. Founded in 1991, Post Nevada is the third gambling company with a major presence in Riga. Post Nevada operate a brand called “Labirints Slots” and own seven venues in the city. Most of their gambling sites offer around 25 games machines; however, there are no bars available on site.

Punters can find two gambling establishments owned by Casino 777 in the Central District. The Elizabetes near to the Esplanade and the Grecinieku by the river, both offer Oasis Poker, Blackjack and Roulette round the clock. Both sites also serve food, drinks and cigars.

Also located in the Central District is the Europa Royale Riga Hotel, which has 60 guest suites and hosts the Europa Club Casino. Players can choose from eight gaming tables such as Poker and Roulette and 10 slot machines. The venue is open from 1pm until 7am every day.

The Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort on Terbatas Street is an opulent property offering a bar, restaurant, striptease club, several night clubs, limousine service, and a spa and fitness club. The casino offers round-the-clock gambling opportunities with nine games machines and 14 gaming tables including Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, all surrounded by sumptuous decor and crystal chandeliers.