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The Story of Wink Bingo

Like most online bingo websites on the market, it is clear from the use of colour and the displayed advertisements that Wink Bingo is aiming itself at the female market. As a result, it runs competitions and services that will most likely resonate with women across the United Kingdom. The most famous example of their female-friendly competitions is their 'Breakfast Club Competition' that saw their registered users take a photograph of their meals and upload them to the Wink Bingo Facebook page. Those adjudged to have taken the best or most unique photo of their food took home a large stash of vouchers to be redeemed at ASDA supermarkets.

Such promotions and competitions have enabled Wink Bingo's growth. You can, somewhat tangentially, find out more about such deals and offers in the final section of this review. As well as benefitting from these promotions, Wink Bingo's client base also have the advantage of the company's focus on privacy. Their whole 'About Us' page is concerned with their privacy policy that highlights the 'need for appropriate protection and management' of their customers' information and financial details.

These assurances must be welcomed by both those potential new users and those faithful customers of old.

Navigating Wink Bingo

Registered Wink Bingo users can type in their username and password at the top of each page. This will allow them access to their account whilst also allowing them to play the bingo and slot games that the website has to offer. Unregistered users can also navigate the site, the easiest way of doing this being by using the tabs at the top of each page.

There is very little of worth on the website's homepage. Space is mostly taken up by over-sized adverts as well as quick links to some of the games and the stories of some of the former winners. There is also a list of all the progressive jackpots that can be won, this list being updated regularly.

Scroll back to the top of the page to use the multicoloured tabs, the 'Register' tab the most important for those who are yet to commit to Wink Bingo's services. This page merely begins the registration process, the first page of the application form being present.

With the 'Promotions' tab being explained in detail in the last section of this review, the next tabs - those for 'Bingo' and 'Games' are without a doubt the most important. The former allows the customer to begin playing the bingo games that are provided by the company whilst the latter allows registered users to play such things as slot simulators for massive jackpots. Hover over these tabs to choose the type of game you would want to play by category or click on these tabs to be taken to the 'Bingo' and 'Games' homepages. Each of these pages offers in depth instructions as to how to work the games provided.

The final four tabs are fairly self explanatory. The 'Winners' link allows the customer to view those previous big jackpot winners. This list also includes testimonials from these victors. The 'Mobile' tab instructs customers as to how they can play Wink Bingo on the go, be it from their mobile or tablet devices.

Wink Bingo's new e-magazine will be available to read on their 'Community' page whilst the 'Help' page provides those in need with links to frequently asked questions, email addresses and telephone numbers. Unfortunately, there is no live chat feature.

Offers and Promotions

It is possible to view all the exclusive deals and services that Wink Bingo have up for grabs by pressing on the 'Promotions' tab at the top of the homepage. By hovering over this tab you will reveal a drop down menu of possible categories whilst clicking on the tab will take you to the promotions homepage. It is on this page where it is possible to read a summary of all the promotions on offer and to make your way to the relevant offer page.

To start with, let's find out about Wink Bingo's welcome package. Deposit an amount of money from £5 to £100 and you will receive a 250% bingo bonus! Having £5 as the lower threshold for this offer means that the company is inclusive and welcoming. Most other bingo sites tell their customers that they must deposit at least £10 in order to receive a bingo bonus. Before the resultant funds can be withdrawn, the sum of the bingo bonus and the deposit will have to be played through twice.

Wink Bingo does encourage their new players to deposit at least £10 by making their second part of their welcome offer exclusive to these users. This is the 'Spin The Wheel' game that sees all players win a bonus of at least £15 with the maximum available being £1,000! This game can be found in the bingo lobby though cannot be accessed by those on mobile or tablet devices.

New players are also allowed to enter the exclusive newbie rooms for three days following the activation of their account. These rooms are open from 7am and close at 10pm every day with no charge being incurred for playing the available games. The jackpots on offer in these rooms can be as much as £300 whilst players can also win loyalty points and other bonuses and prizes.

Once you have signed up to Wink Bingo and have taken advantage of these offers and exclusive rooms, it is then time to grab some of the other deals and services provided. The vast amount offered on the promotions page means that we are unable to show you all the displayed deals. Instead, the following are just some of the best long running services available.

Firstly, customers can get a 50% bonus on their deposit every time they use the specified code when they top up their account. This means that if you make a deposit of £10 and type in the relevant monthly code, you will receive a total of £15 to play with. What's more, Wink Bingo also promises to give selected users a top up bonus of more than 50%. To be in with a chance of this happening to you, deposit any time between 7pm and 11:59pm from the Monday and the Thursday of the week.

Finally, customers will receive loyalty points every time they play a game or make some sort of transaction at Wink Bingo. Once a set amount has been reached, it will be possible for the user to convert their points back into bingo bonuses. Every 10p spent on bingo cards triggers one point being earned with a £1 bingo bonus being retrieved upon the accumulation of £10,000 points. Obviously, this is a promotion for those who intend on using Wink Bingo's services frequently. Further terms and conditions apply to all of the above promotions.