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About Betting Tipsters

Published on: 08/08/2016

Although handicapping can be enjoyable it can be difficult for the casual gambler to gain all of the relevant information required for multiple events. Betting tipsters are very useful for the part-time player. These professional sports analysts are able to guide punters in making positive and informed choices.

Perhaps the more familiar tipsters are those who focus on football. Many gambling companies employ sports analysts who specialize in gaining knowledge and being up to date with news and statistics regarding football.

Some football tipster web sites are completely free, others offer customised advice for a fee which is usually £1 to £4 per tip, taking into account that the cost of the information needs to be considered into the betting in order for costs to be covered. Sometimes tipsters have special offers or free trial promotions. Tipsters who don’t charge a fee often advertise “guaranteed” picks - if the tip is unsuccessful the tipster will credit the customer’s account the value of a tip or another free tip.

Punters who want a continuous tipster service can purchase a seasonal order which is typically around £100 per annum, which can be paid in monthly instalments if required. However, it would be wise to request a free trial period - that way, the accuracy of the information can be observed and assessed.

Punters need to be aware that tipsters can’t be right all of the time every time and that winning cannot always be guaranteed. During a whole season, one could expect to win up to ten per cent of the time.

One good strategy for using a tipster service is for a punter to undertake handicapping on their own and then to use the tips only for comparison. It is unwise to rely on a tipster’s predictions alone. Alternatively, accessing a mix of free and paid services may also allow for further comparisons. If a service is underperforming, don’t hesitate to switch to another mid-season, if that is what is required to earn a satisfactory return on investment. It is also a good idea to compare tipsters between each other as well as against your own predictions. Tipsters may specialise in many sports aside from football including cricket, basketball and tennis. Tip sheets are often provided for horse racing - these can be for free or at a cost. Tipsters who specialize in a particular sport may be more reliable than non-specialized ones. The well-established tipster services are likely to have access to more resources.

A recent trend on the internet is for tipster web sites to invite bettors to share their own tips on an amateur basis and compete for status - moving from rookie to pro. Again, both paid and free versions are available, with some being more serious than others.

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