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Bingo Bonuses

Published on: 21/08/2013
Many people are curious about online bingo, but have never taken the plunge, never signed up to one of the sites. It certainly can be daunting, what with the abundance of sites out there, which certainly number in the hundreds. A good way to begin, once you have chosen a site you like, is to get involved in some of the Bingo bonuses. Almost all sites have this facility now, as it is understood it immediately gives a player a feel for the site, and gets them thinking about potential wins.

These bonuses come in a whole array of different types – some have particular restrictions, so you must check the terms and conditions of the site, but others are more relaxed. Most of them while allowing you to start immediately require you to have played or deposited a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any profits.

Of the numerous types of Bingo bonuses, the simplest is probably the Freeroll, also known as the Free Ticket. This is obtained in a special room on the site, where a complimentary gaming ticket is offered, leading to the chance to win a cash prize. You cannot win any large amounts here, but it is free to play, and gives newcomers a chance to practice without the worry of losing money as they learn.

Another Bingo bonus involves the placing of new deposits: this bonus will match the amount you deposit in your account – some only match a portion of what you put down, but others will proudly advertise “100% of your Deposit will be Matched.” Other sites might offer a fixed amount of money with your first deposit, and state “£40 given for First Deposit.” Usually you will have to play a certain number of games, or have deposited a certain amount of money in non bonus type games before you can collect any winnings made in these bonus rooms.

Yet another type of Bingo Bonus is known as the “Sign-Up Bonus.” This is generally a fixed sum presented to the gamer when they sign up, irrespective of the moneys they deposit in their account. As in all Bonuses the amounts given vary from site to site, so it may be worth scouting for the most generous offer.

Many Bingo sites only pay out their bonus prizes over a number of weeks, encouraging players to keep coming back, and hopefully find games they like, and to start participating. Other sites simply release the bonuses in one lump sum. Other conditions that must be reached before bonuses are paid out include purchasing a minimum number of gaming tickets, or completing a particular number of sessions. It is worth bearing in mind that bonuses can even be voided if the player does not play a certain number of games in a certain time frame: and almost all sites will have a cut off period, after which the bonuses cannot be collected at all.

Bonuses are not just presented to new players however. Loyal longstanding gamers are certainly rewarded, for sites are always worried that seasoned players will defect to other bingo sites. Reload Bonuses are dependent on the day of the week, having different features for each day. Some sites offer special bonuses at weekends for veteran players. A common type of bonus is the “buy one get one free” variety, along with the Freeroll and numerous loyalty point schemes. Be sure to check each site thoroughly, to see how serious gamers are rewarded.

Online bingo is growing every day. These sites have many advantages over their land based counterparts: you can play anywhere, at any time. If you wish to pause your play at any time, you can do so, and resume once you return – not something you could do in a real casino! Just try asking a blackjack dealer to hold play for an hour or so until you return! Why not have a look online, and see if you find any of the casino sites congenial to your tastes? Many of them will offer incentives to join, and you could soon be part of a great online gaming community.

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