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California Lotteries

Published on: 27/08/2013

The U.S has had a long and complicated history regarding lotteries, largely because of its religious heritage. The church has generally been against all forms of gambling, and there are some states which have always resisted any kind of wagering, be it in a large and imposing casino, or on the small surface of a scratchcard.

Proposition 37 enabled the creation of the California State Lottery, Voters bringing it in on the 6th of November with a 58 percent vote in favor. One of the provisos of the Lottery Act is that it provides funding for schools and colleges. At least 50% of ticket revenues go directly to the prize funds. Education has benefited vastly from the lottery funds: more than $25 billion has gone to educational supplies, teacher’s funds, classroom amenities and utilities, and many other aspects that have been a real help to the California schooling system.

A recent change in the gambling legislation has been the passing of bill 142 in 2010. This bill stated that the Lottery Commission is to be the sole operator of the lottery. The Governor himself would appoint members of the board, whose mandate would be to maintain the security and integrity and fairness in all the lottery games. This powerful Commission would not only cast a watchful eye over the seven different lotteries, but also regulate the state of California’s inclusion in MegaMillions, that well known and much loved North American multi state game.

SuperLott Plus was the inaugural product of the California State Lottery. Following a familiar 5/47 format with the inclusion of a bonus, those playing the game will select five numbers from the fortyseven, plus a single so called “Mega Number” from those twentyseven numbers drawn on Saturdays and Wednesdays. This game of big wins starts at an impressive $7 million, and has even reached a staggering $193 million. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a major lottery, played by countless of people wishing for good luck to make their dreams come true!

For those who just cannot wait for Saturdays and Wednesdays to get their lotto fix, there is Fantasy 5. This is a “better odds” category of lottery game, and compared to others has a small field of numbers. From it’s 39 numbers players must choose 5 to give themselves a chance to get lucky in this progressive jackpot, where prizes start at a generous $50,000! Another popular daily game is Daily 4, in which the player selects four numbers from a 0 to 9 field. This game is regular indeed featuring twice daily draws, one at midday, the other in the evening.

Those wanting a different type of theme to their lottery experience should investigate the Daily Derby. This has an equestrian styling, with players given the opportunity to collect many thousands of dollars every day if their horses perform well. Participants decide upon first, second and third positions for their horses, along with the track time for the victor.

Keno style games are always popular, and Hot Spot is certainly no exception. Featuring high prizes between $0,000 and $300,000 for choosing the ten correct positions from a total of 80 this game has always been a favorite with the public. With new drawings taking place every four minutes, starting ant 6am, and ending at 2pm, the action is fast and furious.

No discussion about lotteries would be complete without a mention of scratchcards. With a small piece of card in the palm of your hand, which holds the potential to grant life altering amounts of cash, these games will always be hugely popular. Catering for different tastes, there are a variety of card styles: Triple 7s, Black Pearls, Strike It Rich – whatever style of card graphics you find congenial will likely exist, and be easily available at betting shops and convenience stores. With many ways to win, the prizes vary: some are a low as $1, but a new Million Fortune card gives you the chance to become a millionaire with a few scratches!

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