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Casinos in Sharm El Sheikh

Published on: 02/11/2013
For centuries Sharm el-Sheikh was a quiet, peaceful little fishing village. Situated at the opening of the Gulf of Aqaba, close to the southern point of the Sinai Peninsula, it was an innocuous outpost of the Ottoman Empire. Things changed drastically during the middle of the 20th century however, when the Egyptian government realized the strategic value of the region. They immediately proceeded to make the outcrop that overlooked the Straits of Tiran into a naval stronghold and commercial port.

In 1956 the Suez crisis caused major disruption and instability for the whole region. Sharm el-Sheikh for a time fell under Israeli control – and once again in 1967, during the six day war the port was taken, this time for a longer period. Not until 1982 was Sharm el-Sheikh returned, as part of the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. Ever since this date the small port has grown in stature and importance. It is central to Egypt’s South Sinai Governorate, and although its population numbers less than forty thousand it has been the proud venue of many important Middle Eastern peace talks.

It is also a centre for congress, and of course has metamorphosed into a major tourist destination. It was a clever and calculated move to develop this holiday aspect, with the building of many hotels, as a replacement to its commercial shipping heritage. Sharm El Maya Bay is now simply a port for yachts – gone are the days when huge, hundred foot long tankers would be regularly drawing up to the shores of Sharm el-Sheikh. Its beautiful crystal clear beaches, exquisite coral reefs, and exciting nightlife are sought out by tourists from all over the world.

During the reconstruction of Sharm el-Sheikh it was decided to build a number of large and attractive casinos. The many of the casinos that eventually formed from this plan are located within luxury beach resorts, which dot the coastline like jewels. The luxurious Sonesta Beach Resort, located on Naama Bay, a huge 200 room hotel, houses the Sinai Grand Casino. This beautiful gaming house is actually owned by a French company, the Raineau Group. The size of this casino is astounding – 2500 square feet, and packed with more than 200 gaming machines, and nearly 30 tables, which offer such popular games as Stud Poker 3-Card Poker, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Roulette. The casino adjoins two restaurants: the Les Palmes for those wanting steak, and the Marika, offering Italian food. There is also a sports bar, lounge, and evening shows.

A luxury 5 star Maritim Jolie Ville Resort has the privilege of adjoining the Casino Royale. This resort is also situated on the Naama Bay, and is a 24 hour a day gaming venue. It features as many as 77 gaming machines, an incredible about for any casino. Of course it is not lacking in traditional card games, having 17 tables offering all the best loved varietes, plus a roulette wheel which is the most loved in the whole area. The hotel is as impressive as the casino it adjoins, having 335 guestrooms, six bars, a luxury spa and “wellness centre,” fitness room, a pair of swimming pools, and numerous tennis courts. There is certainly something for everyone at Maritim Jolie Ville Resort!

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