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Full Cover Bet

Published on: 20/11/2016

The choice of betting options at online bookmakers can seem bewildering but many bet types have been around for a very long time and are familiar to most punters. Most people who a simple win bet or each-way bet works and many are familiar with multiple bet or accumulators. The Full Cover Bet may not be quite so familiar but it has been around for a very long time.

The full Cover Bet falls in to the multiple bet category and allows the bettor to combine a large number of selections to cover a range of possible outcomes in different event. This can provide many different pay out options.

The Full Cover Bets is composed of various multiple bets such as singles, doubles, three-folds and other accumulators (“Parlays” in the USA). For each accumulator to pay out, all of the selections involved must be successful.

Common accumulators include the “double” and “treble”. In a double, two selections (A & B) in different events are chosen and both predictions must be correct in order to receive a pay- out. If either selection loses, the bet will not pay out and the stake is lost. The treble cover three selections (A, B & C) in different events in exactly the same way. All three predictions must be correct in order to receive a pay-out. If only one or two of the three are successful, the whole stake is lost.

Once this basic concept is understood, the Full Cover Bet becomes easier to understand. The bet is made up of all possible combinations from a number of selections. US punter will hear this referred to as a “Round Robin” parlay.

Full Cover Bets are also known by different nicknames that vary depending on how many selections are involved. Well-known bets include:

As you can see, these examples do not include single bets, but these can also be added to Full Cover bets. In that case, only one correct selection would result in a pay-out. The stake is calculated by the number of bets, so a Goliath would require 247 individual bets. As a result, it can sometimes require many successful picks to put the bettor in profit.

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