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Paroli Betting system

Published on: 20/11/2016

The Paroli Betting system (sometimes known as the “Reverse Martingale”) is progressive betting method that requires the punter to double their stakes after each win. This is different form the Martingale System that require the bettor to double up after a loss. Similar strategies have been used by gamblers since the 16th century. In particular, in card games such a “Basset.” Fans of the system believe that increasing bets following a win is a more stable strategy than other negative systems in which stakes are boosted after a loss. This is because there is no dependency on a large bankroll and no hindrance from table limits. And when losses do happen, they have less impact overall.

The aim of the Paroli Betting System is to win a sequence of three of four wagers. The player begins by betting one unit and continues to bet the same amount every time lose. This continues until a win is recorded.

Following a win, the bettor doubles their stake by a factor of two. If they lose, they go back to betting one unit, if they win, they double their stake again. Each time, the player has three consecutive wins, they must decide to take any profit that they have made or to double up again.

Most players limit their Paroli Betting System strategy to three consecutive wins, and begin again at one unit. However, some argue that by doubling again and aiming for four wins makes just as much sense in terms of probability and return.

It is therefore important that a players establishes there strategy beforehand to maintain continuity in the progression. And this must be down to personal preference. The type of game that is being played may also influence their decision. However, most players use the system in even money games such as player or banker bets (baccarat), odds or evens bets (roulette), and pass or don’t pass bets (craps). More astute strategists may adjust the system for bets where a house commission is applied.

One common modification of the system is known as the “1-3-2-6 progression.” This strategy requires the punter to triple the initial wager after one win, double it after a second win and multiply it by six after a third. This system applies different levels of risk at different stage but will often produce a profit after just two wins.

As with all betting systems, it is important that the punter fully understands the implications of the method and how to apply it to the game that they are playing. They should also be aware that no system is completely fool proof and that freak runs can occur that make it harder to recoup your stakes.

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