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Prop Bets

Published on: 12/04/2017

Prop betting, short for proposition betting, is an entertaining way to bet on sport. It allows punters to bet on a range of things such as individual player performances and team statistics - basically, anything that is not affected by the final outcome of the game. The idea is to offer a vast array of bets based on any aspect of the game with a clear conclusion.

Examples of prop bets

The most common types of prop betting are centred around player and team performances, but people can place wagers on everything from the singing of national anthems to whether there will be a headbutt during the course of a football season. Most prop bets can be split into short-term, long-term and player-specific wagers.

Proposition bets are often given in money line form - `Which team will score first?` (Tottenham, West Ham or No Goal) - or over/under form - `How many goals will be scored?` (Over 1.5 Goals or Under 1.5 Goals).

Advantages of prop bets

Betting companies tend to profit from prop betting because many punters play them just for fun in the hope of a large payout. If you`re looking to make money rather than enjoy an entertaining side bet, you really need to know your stuff. However, if you do consider yourself an expert or long-time fan, you may have an advantage over the bookie.

In general, betting organisations do not have the time to examine every player on which they offer a prop bet. In contrast, punters may be able to afford the time to study recent form, fitness and particular trends, and therefore should be able to find discrepancies.

One area worth exploring is over/under markets involving popular players/teams. Casual betters are likely to back sporting stars to overachieve and will bet on them to go `Over` the offered total - this is particularly relevant for American sports. However, the better bet is to look for projections that are too high and place value on the `Under`. If you`re planning on placing a proposition bet, shop around to find the best odds. With the right knowledge and research, as well as a little luck, you can beat the bookie with prop bets.

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