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Published on: 26/08/2013

Rapido is one of the family of keno type games, with the player selecting up to ten numbers from a possible eighty. There are a broad number of ways to win, depending upon the player’s chosen numbers aligning with those randomly selected by the Rapido draw. Prizes typically start at a lowly £1, and reach a staggering £80,000!

The English version of Rapido is yet another game in the vast portfolio of the 49s limited company, a prestigious establishment based in London, that owns many of the largest UK gambling institutions. Those wishing to play Rapido are easily accommodated: bets can be placed at online sites such as Ladbrokes, Jennings, William Hill and Betfred; many betting shops will also take Rapido bets.

Ask anyone who is a fan of Rapido what exactly draws them to the game, and they will all likely give the same answer: its sheer speed! It is the speed (or rapidity, hence the name Rapido) with which successive drawings are made that is so exiting, that makes players love this game so much. Every 15 minutes a new drawing is made – so if you lose out on one, no problem, you have a chance to recoup on the next draw. On every weekday bar Friday there are six drawings, with four drawings being made on Friday. Typically the first draw is made in the morning, at 10:15.

The player takes 20 numbers from a total of 80 – but the player can only bet on one to ten numbers. The following table details all the winning outcomes:

Numbers Matched Numbers Selected
£64£20£7£2£1 5 £540 £80 £20 £6 £4 £4 6 £1,250 £400 £50 £25 £20 7 £6,400 £1,600 £250 £80 8 £24,000 £6,400 £400 9 £64,000 £8,000 10 £80,000

The “Heads or Tails” feature is another aspect of Rapido that players are endeared to. In this the whole grid of 80 numbers becomes divided in half, with each section, 1-40 and 41-80, being heads and tails respectively. The player is invited to choose whether eleven or more of the twenty drawn numbers will land on heads or tails half. Another option is choosing a “Level Result”, where ten of the numbers land on heads, and ten on tails.

The player can get good odds with heads and tails – typically 2 or 3 to one. To counter this you are forced to make a relatively high wager – typically £5, as opposed to the £1 of normal play.

Though it used to be confined solely to weekdays, Rapido draws are beginning to crop up at the weekends too – a sign of its growing popularity. The draws are performed live on SIS, and players have until the very last moment to scurry off to the nearest betting shop, or choose their numbers online, to be included in the draw which they hope will make their dreams come true!

A convention of Rapido has always been that, if for some unforeseen reason, a draw doesn’t occur, all bets will be carried over until the next drawing. Occasionally there will be a consensual cancellation by the bookmaker or online vendor, but generally speaking your numbers will remain in play for the next game.

The great game of Rapido is growing all the time, because it is easy to learn, and thrilling to play! What other game offers such a rapid gaming experience? Why not see if your nerves and luck are up to the thrilling ride that is Rapido?

Published on: 26/08/2013 © Bet Bind