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The 3-2-1 Casino Game

Published on: 27/09/2013
Those of a certain “age” will remember with great fondness and affection the TV show 3-2-1. The show was made for Yorkshire television, and aired for an astonishing 10 years, from 1978, to 1988. There have been very few quiz shows that have lasted for so long, a fact that attests to the popularity of 3-2-1. Though the show is fondly remembered, many are unaware that it was not created for Yorkshire television, but was based on a the Spanish show called Un, Dos, Tres… Responda Otra Vez.

Like it’s Spanish progenitor, the format of the show combined three aspects on one: Quiz show, variety show, and game show. At the time UK audiences found the format extremely novel, and when it first aired the programme was seen as modern and cutting edge. The aim of the game was for the contestants to progress through the first two elimination rounds, answering all the questions correctly, before solving the clues that would present them with the grand prize.

There are two things that when asked most people remember about the show: one of them being the distinctive hand movements made by the host Ted Rodgers, (a former Butlins redcoat); the other being the crude mechanical character “Dusty bin,” with whom the host often treated as a co presenter of the show! Though the sight of a robotic character seemed state of the art back in the late 80’s, the passage of time has not treated the show kindly, and it can look laughably old fashioned now!

The show was famous enough to induce Endemol Games to develop a slot version of “3 2 1” in 2010. The game was made for large online sites such as SkyVegas and Bet365, amongst many others. The game includes a five reel twenty payline arrangement, plus three well designed bonus features. Many have been pleasantly surprised at how well the game has turned out, given its relatively obscure inspiration on a decades old TV show.

The game is instantly recognizable: it’s dark blue background highlights prominently the Dusty Bin character, situated in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The control panel takes up most of the lower screen, with “Lines” and “Bet Per Line” controls being placed in the lower left hand corner. There are score multiplers, giving between 5X and an astonishing 5000X growth factor to the player’s score!

There are three separate Scatter Bonus Features, and stake multiplayer’s, which are governed by the number of Dusty Bin characters the player manages to collect. For certain bonuses the player does not even worry about aligning the special characters, for they need appear on the reels at any position for them to win the Dusty Bin Bonus, the Entertainer Bonus, or the Eliminator Bonus.

The most prestigious and score yielding bonus is, expectedly, the Dusty Bin Bonus. This is triggered the player securing at least three “free spin” Dusty Bins. When activated the player will be presented with 12 Dusty Bin icons on the screen, from which they will have the opportunity to choose four. Certain ones will give prizes, and in combination many points can be gathered at this stage.

By acquiring at least three Dusty Bin icons bearing logo cards the player will be taken to the Eliminator Bonus Round. Here they must select from a square of nine icons five winning tokens. Getting at least Three Dusty Bins wearing a top hat takes the gamer to the Entertainer Bonus round. This fun stage features a “Variety Wheel,” with which the player must collect as many variety acts as they can in five spins.

If you are from the era when 3 2 1 was televised, you should certainly investigate this excellent online version. It will certainly bring back some old memories! Even if you have never heard of the show, the game is well worth playing. Endemol Games certainly took on a gamble, converting an old TV show into a modern online game – but their courage has paid off! Dusty bin has found a new lease of life in the 21st century!

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