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The Euro Lottery

Published on: 11/09/2013

Featuring 50 numbers, from which as many as five are chosen for each game, the Euro Lotto is of the traditional format, employed by most big lotteries. The more numbers you have selected which come up in the draw, the closer you are to starting a new life as a millionaire! It really is that simple! No wonder games of this format engage the interest (not to mentions the finances) of millions of people across the globe, from Asia to America, every week. The smallest prize you can win on the Euro Lotto with a £1 bet is £8, while the largest is a cool £250,000!

Every Tuesday and Friday evening there is a live draw. The BBC televises the whole process, under the watchful eyes of independent adjudicators. Players have up till an hour before the 8:30 draw to get their bets in, so it is not unusual to see people queuing outside betting shops just before 7:30, desperate to have their tickets validated!

The winnings are calculated in accordance with the number of picks (one to five) made, and also of course the total sum wagered. There is also a multiplier, that increases the final winning figure. The chart below will hopefully clarify this:

Balls Picked & MatchedStake Multiplied By

As the table shows, you would collect £zero0 by betting £2 on three balls, while the same £2 bet on five balls brings in an amazing £500,000! A staggering jump that reflects the increasing odds! The ubiquitous Ladbrokes Lottos used to have an enticing deal until fairly recently: a £2 free wager for the initial 1000 customers who registered themselves online. News of this great offer spread like wildfire through the gambling community, so unfortunately all the places were taken within a day or two. Other lottery vendors have introduced similar deals, so it helps to be perceptive to new trends and leads online.

The very same Ladbrokes also presented new customers with £10 worth of credit, when the gamer also deposited £10. The deal was hugely popular, and ran for a fair length of time, drawing in thousands of new gamers. Whenever there is a new promotion like this, Ladbrokes list it on their web page. If you are a twitter user you may catch some of their deals the very minute they are announced, but be quick! If you have seen it then potentially so have thousands of others online!

A malicious financial scam was perpetrated against the Euro Lotto recently. The con itself was not particularly sophisticated, and took the same form as other so called “419” scams. Customers who had signed up to Ladbrokes online were sent congratulatory emails, stating that they had won huge cash prizes. The actual content of these emails stated that the recipient had “won a generous consolation cash prize of €550,000.” Typically with these scams, the lucky winner was asked to pay some kind of administrative fee to release the funds, which were about to be rescinded. Many people were taken in by the scam unfortunately – what did a €50 or €0 fee matter when they were about to be rich? Alas, after payment the winnings never arrived.

As long as you purchase your tickets through validated bookmakers – those bearing the official Euro Lottery insignia and typography, there is absolutely no risk. As with all services, people should never divulge bank details either over the phone, or through email, however credible the contact seems.

Published on: 11/09/2013 © Bet Bind