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The Irish Lotto Bet

Published on: 22/08/2013

The Irish Lotto Bet is colloquially known as Lucky Numbers by the thousands of hopeful Irish men and women who play it every week, and is based on the outcome from the National Irish Lottery. The game features 45 numbers, from which five are chosen for each game. The prizes vary according to, as would be expected, the correct amount of numbers chosen from the draw itself, with all five giving a payout of about £100,000.

It is not just the Irish who have all the fun with this game however – thanks to the 49’s Limited company, those un the UK can participate in Irish Lotto Bet. Tickets for the game can be purchased in a host of retail vendors, as well as online stores, such as those affiliated with Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred, William Hill, Jennings and many others. For all those in the UK there is no excuse for not participating in this game!

In order to coincide with the National Irish Lottery, Lotto Bet games take place on Saturdays and Wednesdays. On each of these two days three draws take place: a main draw, followed by a second and third draw. There are a total of 45 balls, from which six are drawn, along with a bonus ball. This is the process by which lives are changed, and dreams made reality.

There are two draws that can be wagered on by the players: a six number, and a seven number, including the bonus ball. For the six number draw the player will choose up to 5 numbers out of the first drawn 6 numbers. For the seven number draw the player will choose up to 5 numbers out of the drawn seven. The chart below will show the winnings for a bet of £1, for those lucky players who chose all their numbers correctly!

As can clearly be seen betting £2 on three numbers is £301 x 2, which is £602 as part of the seven number draw, and 2 X 576, which is £1152 when part of the 6 number draw. These payouts can vary from place to place, so it is advisable to make certain of your exact prize before you quit your job or order that bespoke Rolex watch.

All bets must be made before the National Irish Lottery’s Main Draw, which takes place at 7:45pm. Actually the cut off for the Irish Lotto Bet is 7:00pm, and it is not unknown to see people queuing up outside shops and bookmakers at this time, desperate to have their numbers recorded! Each betting shop records the winning numbers after they have been drawn, along with in the Irish Press, and at The Irish Lotto Bet can also be phoned to give the results, a service mainly used the visually impaired. The web site allows groups of people to register as syndicates, with the hope their collective luck may be distributed amongst them all to remunerative effect.

Many people have their own “systems” for choosing numbers, be they special dates of friends or family, or even just certain numbers they consider lucky. The Irish Lotto Bet’s website charts the frequency with which each number has been selected throughout all draws to that date. Numbers selected most often are termed hot numbers, and conversely, those selected least often are known as cold numbers. Players can use this information in whatever way they wish in making their own selections.

Published on: 22/08/2013 © Bet Bind

Play & Match6-Number Draw7-Number Draw
5 Numbers£100,001£30,001
4 Numbers£6,501£3,001
3 Numbers£576£301
2 Numbers£53£36
1 Number£6.50£5.50