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The New York Lotto

Published on: 19/09/2013

The state of New York is privileged to have not just one but four jackpot games. Mega Millions, Powerball, and Sweet Million are all extremely popular, but the New York lotto is surely the most beloved by the residents. The jackpot is run by the New York Lottery, which is a government institution formed in 1966, having many administrative roles, including raising funds for charitable agencies, as well as educational bodies. The institution employs 350 personnel, along with a dense network of more than 16 thousand vendors across the whole state.

The lottery runs a twice weekly drawing, with numbers selected on Saturdays and Wednesdays, at the precise time of 11:21 pm. There are a total of 59 numbers, from which the player must select 6, along with a bonus number. WABC Channel 7 broadcasts the drawings live, with a lottery show that routinely attracts millions of viewers. The results are also printed in certain newspapers, online, and scrolled across other selected channels. There is little chance you will miss the results of the lottery, even if you are not playing, and have no interest in it!

The Playcards for the NY lotto are easy to acquire, being on sale at any of the registered relaters across the city. If you are out in New York and want to purchase a ticket, you are likely only a few feet from a shop selling one. The cards are extremely simple and logical: they bear 10 panels, with each one bearing all numbers between 1 and 59. All the player has to do is pick six numbers in each panel. That’s the easy part of course – the hard part is picking the correct numbers! If however the player has no confidence in their own luck, and thinks themselves perpetually doomed to failure, they can opt to use something called Quick Pick. This is a facility that offers random numbers generated by a computer. Many players opt for this feature, while others would never dream of letting a machine pick their numbers!

The player is not obliged to use all ten panels of the Playcard – $1, the minimum bet, will permit them to choose numbers on just two of the panels, while 5$ will allow them to use all ten. Once the numbers have been selected the ticket is presented to a retailer, who will give them a confirmation ticket. The terms and conditions of the game clearly stipulate that it is the player’s responsibility to check that the numbers on the receipt match those they have chosen. The time on the ticket must also be checked, as the rules state that those issued after 11pm on the day of the draw are void. As with almost all lotteries worldwide the player must be over 18 to participate.

The minimum amount of numbers needed to win a prize is 3, and the mathematical odds of winning any prize have been calculated to be 1:46. The payouts are decided in accordance with the percentage of the total prize pool which is accessible on a pari mutuel basis, not, as might be expected, to fixed odds. The table below will be helpful in indicating approximate returns:

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning% of Pool Paid Out$1 Bet Pays

Like the English National lottery, jackpots are rolled over if not won. This has led to some stupendous amounts of money being up for grabs, which have drawn in even non lottery players, hoping to collect the huge prize!

In recent years the New York Lottery created a subscription centre, which enable players to set up accounts, and have their tickets validated automatically. The shortest term for a subscription is five weeks, but many players opt for the whole year. Their accounts can be managed online, and any winnings are sent automatically to the players account. Now there is no excuse for not playing the lottery! You do not even have to leave your home! Even if you are not a resident of New York, there are many bookmakers who will offer fixed odds bettings on the NY lotto.

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