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Tournament Bingo

Published on: 13/08/2013

Bingo has always been hugely popular throughout Europe and America, and every city has always had an abundance of opportunities for those wishing to indulge their appetites in the game. With the advent of online gambling however, bingo players need not even leave the comforts of their home to enjoy playing this game of chance. With such fierce competition for all sides, anyone wishing to open a bingo hall or web site must have something new to offer the customers. Out of this situation arose tournament bingo, which featured the opportunity for players to win multiple prizes simply by being a participant in an ongoing series of interrelated games.

The rules of tournament bingo will be easy to pick up by anyone who knows the original game. The original rules apply, the only difference being that the games are interconnected, instead of being stand alone contests. Players can build up their points over multiple games. With more people playing for longer, larger prizes can be offered, be it cash, desirable products, or even luxury holidays.

To take part in one of these tournaments the participant must either register at the venue, or online if it is a web based competition. There is usually some nominal fee, with the cost covering a fixed number of games. The winner is obviously the player who obtains the highest number of points collectively over the course of all the games. In the case of a draw the points are shared between players.

At live venues, as opposed to online tournaments, gaming sessions typically take up to two days – though some take one afternoon and part of the evening. Few tournaments take longer than two days to complete, though certain bingo halls favor long running games, which may take the best part of a week to play out. Others even dominate a whole month, with the games occurring during specific evenings of the week. As these long games near completion the atmosphere is understandably extremely tense.

Online tournaments operate in much the same way – some last only a day, with others having a daily schedule when gaming commences. In an effort to take more people from the halls, many sites offer free initial games as an incentive. However those tournaments with substantial prizes obviously demand an initiation fee. The prizes are generally much the same online as they are in actual halls. A £100 prize is typical for winning, with lesser amounts going to second and third place. The largest prizes are still to be found in the real physical bingo halls however. Here there is substantial money to be made indeed, and players may travel far and wide to have a chance at claiming the trophy. The highest current prize is a staggering £500,000! This stupendous sum can only be attained by winning games from a multitude of locations – this type of gaming really is a championship! The top ten winners will all be rewarded, with the lion’s share of the winnings going to those ranked in the top three.

There can be minor differences in gaming rules from different venues, so players must be well prepared when travelling from place to place. Any transgression of the rules will result in instant disqualification, and a forfeiture of all accumulated winnings.

Those newcomers interested in this kind of serious tournament gaming are strongly advised to cut their teeth at smaller bingo halls first. Jumping into the deep end of a massive tournament is not advised for novices, but with a little patience anyone can have a go at winning one of these huge events! There are many online bingo forums, where payers chat and share their experiences. There will be advice given on these forums from veteran gamers, who will be only too happy to share their experiences and knowledge with those eager to be a part of this great game.

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