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Trixie Betting

Published on: 03/12/2016

Combination bets are extremely amongst horse racing punters. Bets such as doubles, trebles, accumulators, exactas, quinellas and trifectas will be familiar to most regular bettors in Europe and the USA.

Another popular bet type in the same category is the “full coverage” bet. These bets cover all possible multiples across a number of selections and often have exotic-sounding names such as Goliath, Yankee and Super Heinz. In the United States, these best are known as “Round Robin Parlays.”

One of the basic full cover bets is the “Trixie.” This particular combination covers four wagers across three picks from different events. The combinations covered are three doubles and one treble as follows: AB, AC, BC and ABC. The bet is very similar is construction to a “patent” bet, which consists of seven wagers, but also includes single bets on selections A, B and C. As the Trixie does not cover singles, at least two picks must be correct for the punter to receive any return.

The Trixie is in essence a treble that has three doubles as a back-up. So if one selection fails, the punter still gets some kind of return. However, if only one selection is correct, no return if collected. If that option is required, then a patent bet is the more suitable choice.

Trixies can be manually calculated by the punter - however, this can be laborious. Alternatively, there are plenty of bet calculators available online that can quickly calculate the possible returns from a Trixie.

By inputting a few variables, such as the stake, the bet type (each-way or not) and the odds that are being offered - the possible returns can be calculated. The bet calculators even allow you to switch between decimal, fractional and American price formats, and to input the place odds in the case of each-way bets.

With a €20 stake on three straight-win selections at decimal odds of 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. The calculator would indicate that €5.00 should be placed on each bet and that if all three selections are successful, the return would be €250.00 and the net profit would be €230.00.

The calculator can then be adjusted to predict the returns and profits if just two of the selections were winners:

You can play around with the calculator, add in each-way bets or looking at non-runner and dead heat scenarios. You can even work backwards to find out how much your need to stake to achieve a certain profit level.

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