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Turbo Max Power

Published on: 28/10/2013

The company JPM Interactive are extremely prominent and well known in many areas of the gaming industry. Perhaps their most well known brand is their online series of Progressive style Jackpot slot machines, which bear the impressive titles “Max Power.” Amongst this array of games, one of the most popular is “Turbo Max Power.” This three reel game is traditional in format, featuring as it does all the old fashioned bells and fruits on its wheels. It has five playlines, two being diagonal, and three horizontal.

Three of the spinning reels are slightly displaced, being displayed to the left of the screen. This frees up space on the right, which is taken by the Turbo Gamble multiplier ladder, and the Paytable. Every part of the screen is utilized, and up in the top left is the “Max Power Bonus” display, largely inactive throughout the game, and only opened whenever the payer advances to a higher stage. The top right of the screen houses the “Max Power Progressive” display, charting the player’s progress; below this is the Winnings counter, keeping a record of the player’s points.

Below the reels are the player’s credit counters, showing how much cash the gamer has in reserve. Perhaps the thing that jumps out to a player on first seeing the Turbo Max Power game are the five large circular control buttons. These are spaced equidistant along the bottom of the screen, just below the reels. Coloured Red, yellow, blue, orange and green, these are them main control buttons for the game, and the player will have to familiarize themselves with the operations of each before starting.

The yellow button is the one players will be wanting to pres most often, as it is the collect button, and will convert winnings into cash! The blue “Turbo Gamble” button allows impatient gamers to play at heightened rate, where larger payouts are possible, at the expense of more difficult odds. The red “Max Stake” button should only be used by those who are extremely confident, as it allows you to place all your reserve funds on the outcome of one turn. The rewards here can obviously be profound, but the player can lose everything! The green button simply starts the game.

On the right side of the screen, just below the Paytable, is the Stake Indicator. This allows you to precision tune your bets, from as low as a conservative £0.25, to a daringly high £10! The up and down arrows of the Stake Indicator will easily and intuitively let the player adjust their bets. Every spin on Turbo Max Power always involves all of the five Paylines. There is an easy to read Payout Table, which will display the potential winnings to be had for matching three symbols.

In keeping with tradition cherries are least yielding, giving a lowly 1X payback, while lemons oranges and plums give a 2X, 5Xand 10X payback respectively. The real winnings come from the other symbols however: the familiar golden bells pay 15X, while three grapes give 20X. Watermelons and three red sevens give an impressive 30X and 40X respectively, but the highest bonus is reserved for matching three of the joker icons, which will give the lucky player the grand prize of 50X. Again in keeping with the traditional rules of slot machines the jokers are wild, and as such they may be substituted for each and any of the other gaming symbols.

Whenever the games emits a laughter sound, it is not meant in a derisive sense, but rather in a congratulatory one, for it indicates that the player has just won. At this point the gamer can test their courage and luck by opting to use the Turbo Gamble feature. If they choose this then the game will begin flashing, and atmospheric music will start. The turbo gamble button, along with the yellow collect button will start to flash, and they will see the words “Win,” and “Lose alternating on the display. The player then has ten seconds to decide which of the flashing buttons to press, the outcome of which determining their success or failure.

Turbo Max power is an exciting game that balances many of the traditional features of a slot machine, with new characteristics of online games. If you fancy something in the old style with a new lick of paint why not give it a go?

Published on: 28/10/2013 © Bet Bind